Abortion abroad

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Resources for Irish Women

Abortion is not available in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland unless a woman’s life is in immediate danger. If you are pregnant and don’t want to be, you may have to travel.

Most countries in Europe have safe and legal abortion services, with the exception of Ireland, Malta and Poland.
If you are sure you want to end the pregnancy, you can contact:

Clinics in


British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) www.bpas.ie
Marie Stopes www.mariestopes.org.uk
South Manchester Private Clinic  www.smpclinic.co.uk/

A first trimester abortion (before 14 weeks) in England start at £350 at bpas  (or £ 415 with a consultation, but women who visit a family planning clinic in Ireland  like the ifpa can get a letter that will waive the cost of a consultation)  to £420 at MSI.

Flight information: www.ryanair.com

bpas: bpas.locations
MSI: mariestopes.org.uk
Transport mit dem Schiff oder Flugzeug

Belgium: womenonwaves.org
Triomflaan 1, 1050 Brussels
Enterance 7, building Y
Post : Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels
Tel. 0032 2 629 23 40
Fax. 0032 2 629 23 43

Provides special deals for Irish women. They all speak good English, so when you phone they can explain how things work, provide over-the-phone counselling and they will schedule the procedure to fit in with flights. The clinic has a feminist ethos, was established when abortion was still illegal in Belgium and they treat women with great respect.

A first trimester abortion (before 12 weeks) in Belgium costs about 350 – 400 euros

Holland: womenonwaves.org
Clinics in Amsterdam and Leiden are very close to the airport (20 minutes). The clinic in  Leiden is close to Schiphol Airport (15 minutes by train) www.casa.nl/en

The fee is 370 Euro for a first trimester abortion with local anesthesia and 470 with general anesthesia.
See www.womenonwaves.org for full listing of all clinics in Holland and Europe.

Flight information:
www.cheapflights.co.uk (Dublin – Amsterdam)
www.cheapflights.co.uk (Belfast – Amsterdam)

Gynmed Clinic Vienna and Salzburg: gynmed.at

RFSU Clinic (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education): rfsu

Switzerland: (only french and italian): svss-uspda

Denmark: womenonwaves.org

Profamilia list of centers: profamilia.de/

France: (only in french): avortementancic.org/

Other European Clinics
Women from any European country can locate a safe abortion provider in case of an unwanted pregnancy and compare services as well as prices.
The site is especially helpful for women who live in countries where abortion is highly restricted (such as Ireland and Poland): www.abortion-clinics.eu

See www.womenonwaves.org

Other options

Many women now go onto the Internet to get the abortion pill. Be aware that there are many scam sites that send fake medicines or nothing at all once they have your money. If you choose to use medicines at home, please use the Women on Web site which is safe and reputable. www.womenonweb.org has a doctor who will consult and send out the abortion pill to women who are less than 9 weeks pregnant. The package with the pills arrives by mail, so, if you determine to go down this route, do be sure to have it sent to an address where there will be someone you trust who can receive it.

More information: allianceforchoiceni.org/pregnancy-advice