IFPA Pregnancy Counselling Service
Questions and Answers about the IFPA Pregnancy Counselling Service

How much will the counselling cost?

The IFPA Pregnancy counselling service is completely free to the client.

Is there a centre near to me?
The IFPA’s pregnancy counselling service is expanding all the time. Currently there are centres in Cork, Dundalk, Dublin (city centre and Tallaght), Galway, Gorey, Letterkenny, Limerick, Monaghan, Sligo and Waterford.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes. All appointments for the counselling service are made through the national pregnancy counselling helpline, 1850 49 50 51.

During the lo-cost call IFPA staff will be able to book a suitable appointment for you, give you directions and answer some basic questions.

How long does a session last?
Generally one hour for counselling with some added time to give you travel information and clinic numbers should you decide to travel for an abortion. Some women find it beneficial to have another appointment. This is something you can talk over with your counsellor as she is there to support you.

Will anyone know about my visit to the counsellor?

Only if you want them to. The IFPA’s service is completely confidential only the staff member who takes your appointment and your counsellor will know about your visit and your information will not be made available to anyone else.

Will the IFPA Counsellor tell me what to do?

No. The IFPA offers non-directive pregnancy counselling. This means that the counsellor has no opinion on what is best for you. She is there to help and will respect your decision whatever that is.

Can I bring a family member or partner with me?

Yes. A woman is always given the opportunity to speak to the counsellor on her own or with her partner/ family member, whichever she prefers.

Do I have to come with my parent if I am under 17 years of age?
No. You can make an appointment with the Pregancy Counselling Service without telling your parents. Your counsellor will encourage you to involve your parents or carers, or another supportive adult.

All information, advice and services are confidential. However, health professionals will involve social services if they suspect you, or another person, are at significant risk of sexual abuse or emotional or physical harm. They will not do this without talking to you about it first.

Is there an interpretation service available for those with poor or no English?
If we know in advance we will do everything we can to provide an interpreter during your session.

I have a disability can the IFPA accommodate me?
Yes, if we know someone’s special needs in advance we will do everything possible to accommodate you accessing the service.

I have been told that my pregnancy has a congenital abnormality. Can the IFPA help?
Yes. We have a specialist counselling service supporting women and their partners in this situation. Contact the receptionist on the pregnancy counselling helpline (1850 49 50 51) and let them know your situation. They will then ensure that one of our counsellors will call you back as soon as possible to arrange another appointment.